Brief Updates

22 Mar 2014


Just a quick note on two things: my hiatus from this project and the purpose of this website.

The past month has been extremely busy for various reasons, and that combined with a lack of inertia from my break from writing while I was hacking in Abu Dhabi caused a month-long lapse in Expedition 206. However, I am determined to see this through and will now continue this project daily (even with midterms coming up!).

Also, this website received a bit of unexpected publicity a few weeks ago, and some mostly valid criticism. However, while I believe that those shortcomings brought up were true, they are not something I can or want to remedy. That’s because this website is entirely a personal project and I cannot reasonably devote more than half an hour researching each day; this unfortunately leads to simplification and overlooking of parts of national histories. I will also readily (and embarrassingly) admit that I do not know much about other countries, so a lot of this research builds on top of nothing, which makes errors quite possible and simplifications inevitable. This purpose of this project is to expand my limited view of the world and I hope that these posts do not engender any negative reactions. If there are errors you want corrected, please email me at

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