United Arab Emirates

03 Feb 2014


I just returned from a trip to Abu Dhabi, so it seems fitting to start with this country.

Interesting Fact

The nation is comprised of seven emirates (hence the name, United Arab Emirates). An emirate is simply a geographic area (similar to a state or province) that is ruled by an emir. Technically, the entire UAE is an emirate as its president is an emir of one of the (sub-)emirates.

From observation, the word “Zayed” (زيد) can be spotted everywhere in the UAE: buildings, people’s names (especially political figures), etc. It means growth, progress, and abundance in Arabic.

Dubai is also one of the most luxurious tourism-based cities in the world, holding ownership to the world’s tallest tower, largest shopping mall, and only 7-star hotel (Burj Al Arab).


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